Becoming a Partner School

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Why You Should Become a Partner

The Sustainable Schoolyard Partnership (SSP) is an opportunity to bring students outside for environmental education with revitalization of the school landscape.  After all, the outdoors makes a great classroom, and nature makes a great teacher.  So please consider partnering with us.  We want to give the support and funding your school needs to become an SSP success story.  As a participant in the SSP, your school would benefit from:

  1. Technical assistance with project development, landscape design, plant selection, tree and landscape planting, and ongoing care practices.
  2. Access to a pool of grant funds totaling roughly $400,000, which can be used to help make the landscape project a reality.
  3. A more useful, manageable, and sustainable schoolyard that conserves energy, water, and money while showcasing the beauty and wonder of Nebraska’s natural environment.
  4. The capability to offer high-quality environmental education and outdoor learning opportunities that get students, faculty, and community members more in touch with nature.

What's Expected of Partner Schools