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The Conservation Education Program of the Nebraska Forest Service can provide a variety of activities and resources to teach about the environment and engage children in the outdoors. Through enjoyable educational activities and hands-on experiences, kids learn valuable lessons that will prepare them to make good decisions and develop into caring stewards of the land. Don't wait until the kids you know are all grown up.  Consider making outdoor learning part of your routine today!  

Why Is Getting Kids Outside Important?

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Foster Outdoor Learning Through Conservation Education

We want to help every child in Nebraska get closer to nature. This means spending time outside, but it also means learning about the natural world and how it works. Conservation education is this process of developing awareness and understanding of the environment and its complex, interweaving systems and relationships. It is not environmental advocacy, but a non-biased and science-based approach focused on the educational process. By promoting critical thinking, problem solving, and effective decision-making skills, conservation education gives young people the tools and confidence to sort through the oft-biased, emotional, and propagandized elements of environmental issues. Incorporating it into a child's learning routine can help prepare him or her to face tomorrow's challenges and make informed, responsible decisions.

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