Correlations to Academic Standards

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Fitting Project WET into Lesson Plans

These days, teachers face the challenge of conforming their curriculum to national and state academic standards.  This might result in jam-packed lesson plans that cannot easily allow for new activities.  Teachers that want to incorporate environmental education into their classroom but fear they don't have the time may be glad to know that Project WET has correlated all of its educator resources to academic standards.  This way, teachers are able to utilize Project WET while meeting exisiting curriculum requirements.

Project WET Correlations to National Academic Standards


Coming Soon:  Correlations to State Standards

The Nebraska Forest Service is currently working to identify how Project WET activities align with current state academic standards. As soon as this update is completed, the correlations will be posted on this page. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions about Project WET correlations to state standards, please contact us at the information below.