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Help Your School and the Environment

Every day, schools make choices that impact the places we live. Exploring and understanding these choices can make a big difference! The GreenSchools program from Project Learning Tree can help you investigate how to make your school a healthy, eco-friendly place to work, learn, and play. Celebrate all you do to green your school and your curriculum by becoming a GreenSchool!

Give students real-world learning and enhance their understanding. Creating real change in school is a hands-on, engaging experience. While greening their school, students can apply math, science, and technology and enhance their leadership and communication skills. They get to learn by doing, and gain the confidence and belief that they can make an impact.

Save and earn money while helping the environment. It costs money to get rid of trash, run electricity, and use water. Finding out how you can reduce the materials, energy, and water that your school uses can mean big savings. It is even possible to earn revenue by selling recycled items like paper and aluminum. Greening your school is good for the environment and the budget, and leaves more funding for education.

Start Your Journey to Become a GreenSchool!

Resources for Nebraska GreenSchools!

The Conservation Education Program can assist schools in Nebraska as they go through the GreenSchools process. We can help you get started, conduct investigations, find grants for projects, and get recognition for accomplishments. We can also provide GreenSchools workshops that demonstrate how to green your school and your curriculum. To tap into these great resources, please contact us at the information below.

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Nebraska Public Power District GreenSchools Program

How to Become a GreenSchool!

The GreenSchools program goes beyond the classroom to get students thinking about the ecological footprint of their school. It gives faculty, students, and staff the tools to explore the actions they can take to better the school’s health, safety, and environmental quality. Start your journey to becoming a GreenSchool by registering with Project Learning Tree and then you can follow the steps below.

1.  Form a Team. A school begins by establishing a Green Team, a proactive group comprised of enthusiastic students, educators, school staff and administrators, parents, and community volunteers. This team will be the driving force behind greening the school.

2.  Investigate. Five in-depth, hands-on Investigations are the heart of the GreenSchools program. Each Investigation is a series of activities and questions that helps guide students as they examine the inside and the outside of the building. You can register as a PLT GreenSchool to download the Investigations:

3.  Make a Plan.  By analyzing data collected from the Investigations, the Green Team can identify problems and formulate an action plan, which should be developed and executed primarily by students.  To be effective, action plans should identify priorities and set measurable goals, result in an improved school environmental footprint, and benefit the health of students and staff while expanding learning opportunities. 

4.  Act.  Action plans can be presented to school decision-makers for approval, and then they can be implemented.  The Green team can apply for a GreenWorks grant or other sources of financial aid to help pay for the project.  Contact us at the Conservation Education program for help with finding funding in Nebraska.

5.  Celebrate.  It's time to relish in your success!  Let people know about your Green Team's accomlishments and share your story with your community and the media.  You can also apply for national recognition as a Certified PLT GreenSchool.  The Conservation Education Program can help you get recongized as a Nebraska GreenSchool.

From start to finish, the GreenSchools process gives students the confidence, knowledge, and leadership and communication skills they need to take responsibility for enhancing their learning and living environments. To learn more about Project Learning Tree’s GreenSchools program, visit its website at

Start Your Journey to Become a GreenSchool!

GreenWorks! Grants For GreenSchools 


NPPD's GreenSchools! Program

The Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) supports GreenSchools in Nebraska by providing classroom resources including a student investigation toolkit, classroom presentations, and teacher professional development. Four GreenSchools teacher workshops will be offered in 2013-2014. For more information, please contact Jennifer Swerczek at 402-336-2701 or