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Bringing the Environment into Education

Schools are places where children can learn about the importance of conserving natural resources, and teachers who educate students about complex environmental issues are preparing them to be good stewards for the environment.  To help bring these topics into the classroom, several organizations have developed aids for environmental education. 

Project Learning Tree and Project WET are two examples that have a tradition of creating effective and engaging lesson plan activities that increase critical thinking and problem solving skills while fostering interest in caring for natural resources.  The Conservation Education program is the state coordinator for these two sets of curriculum, and can provide the training and materials to get you started. 

Teach About the Environment with Project Learning Tree 

Teach About Water & Water Issues with Project WET

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How to Get PLT & WET Materials

It has been found that environmental education works best as a grass-roots effort. For this reason, Project Learning Tree (PLT) and Project WET do not give curriculum directly to teachers but distribute it through coordinators. In Nebraska, we are the state coordinator for PLT and Project WET and handle getting resources to local communities through workshops.  PLT & WET materials come with training to help educators get the most out of their activity guides. Get started by learning about our workshops.

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