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When you open a Project Learning Tree activity guide you won't just find instructions for a series of activities. You'll find dependable information and a solid framework to integrate environmental education into a comprehensive lesson plan. You'll read about how to connect activities into storylines that help students understand complex concepts and tie many areas of knowledge and skills together. You'll see suggestions for relevant readings and different types of technology that can be incorporated into each lesson. There is even information about instructing students with different backgrounds, abilities, and interests; teaching controversial issues; and bringing the classroom outside.  In short:  everything you need to build an outstanding education program.

Sample PLT Lessons

Environmental Education Activity Guide

Grades PreK-8

PLT EE Guide

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Web of LifeAir We BreatheSoil Stories: some of the 96 hands-on, multi-disciplinary activities that can be found inside the Environmental Education Activity Guide. Each activity is filled with opportunities for youth to build critical thinking skills and for educators to incorporate technology and use differentiated instruction. Topics include forests, wildlife, water, air, energy, waste, habitat, climate change, invasive species, stewardship, and more. The guide even aligns with national education reform by using methods like the constructivist approach to learning, whole language teaching, and cooperative learning.



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Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood

Grades PreK-K (ages 3-6)

PLT EC Guide

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Early childhood is a key developmental period in a child's life which has the potential to influence his or her lifelong attitude and behavior toward the natural world. PLT's Environmental Experiences for Early Childhood focuses on nature's power to stimulate a child's sense of wonder and curiosity. Developed specifically for Pre K and Kindergarten minds and bodies, the experiences in this guide encourage exploration, imagination, and expression and incorporate art, math, literature, music, movement, and natural play. The guide is not intended to be comprehensive and can be adapted to different ages and ability levels.



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Secondary Modules

Grades 9 -12 (can be adapted for community college and other introductory college courses)

Places We Live
Focus on Risk
Municipal Solid Waste
Forests of the World
Focus on Forests

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PLT's secondary modules challenge students to explore the complexities of real-world environmental issues, thereby helping prepare them to make sound decisions concerning the natural world and its resources. Each module focuses on research, analysis, and problem-solving skill development and incorporates opportunities to "learn by doing". The activities have been designed as supplementary materials for high school curriclum and can be adapted across grade levels and disciplines to suit educator needs.

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