Project Learning Tree

Child with Bug in Hand

The Cornerstone of Environmental Education

Project Learning Tree (PLT) of the American Forest Foundation is an internationally recognized, award-winning education program designed to help kids develop awareness, knowledge, critical thinking skills, and responsible behavior towards the environment.  Tied to state and national standards, PLT curricula can be used across disciplines with grades Pre-K through 12 to teach about topics like water, habitat, plants, energy, and stewardship. 

The Need for Environmental Education

PLT activities offer enjoyable learning opportunities for educators and parents to help children connect with nature.  By using trees and forests as a "window on the world," PLT aims to increase young people's understanding of our complex environment.  Through hands-on, fun activities, youth begin to learn how to think, not what to think, about environmental issues.  Visit for more information about this fantastic program.

Sample PLT Lessons

Why PLT Works

PLT's PreK-12 Curriculum