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Learning About Water

Our Future Is Bound to Water

Every day, the supply of accessible and safe drinking water affects the health and well-being of the world's seven billion people.  In the U.S. it may be hard to grasp the importance of this seemlingly plentiful and inexhaustible resource, but the reality is that one in eight people across the globe do not have adequate access to clean water.  While the total amount of water on Earth cannot be increased, we can learn to protect, conserve, and better manage this vital resource for the days to come.

The Importance of Teaching About Water

Water Education for Teachers

Project WET:  Water Education for Teachers strives to prepare the world's youth to address complex water issues by making effective, solutions-oriented water education available to educators, students, and community members everywhere.  Through hands-on activities, Project WET curriculum promotes awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of water resources.  Project WET helps youth develop the understanding and skills necessary to make wise choices concerning water and ultimately undertake the challenges of this century.  

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