What is the SSP?

Waverly Elementary

Our Vision 

Get funding for your schoolyard while teaching students about the environment by participating in the Sustainable Schoolyard Partnership (SSP). The SSP aims to inspire and enable students to take part in enrichment of their school landscape. These landscape projects will conserve resources and provide habitat, making them great outdoor learning opportunities. But the benefits don't stop there: they will also serve as model landscapes that engage the surrounding community and showcase the importance of sustainability.

For more information contact Kendall Weyers, Sustainable Communities Coordinator, at kweyers2@unl.edu.

When the school environment is more sustainable, everybody wins.

Why Kids Need Sustainable Schoolyards

How it Works 

The Sustainable Schoolyard Partnership is a multi-partner, statewide three-year initiative that will work with up to 20 Nebraska schools. It is made possible by funding from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (a beneficiary of the Nebraska Lottery) and is coordinated by the Nebraska Forest Service (NFS) on behalf of the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum (NSA).  The bulk of the partnership takes place during one school year and culminates in the implementation of a landscape project.

Becoming a Partner School


We're Flexible

This program is designed to be adaptable so that schools can easily participate in a way that works for them. If portions of this initiative do not jive with how your school operates, please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.